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Lighthouse Inc International, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of CCTV Surveillance & DVR equipments in Shenzhen China with more than 10 years of solid experience on worldwide market, providing a comprehensive range of CCTV products to serve your needs on CCTV Security applications.

Our Advantages:

  • Over 10 years experience in Surveillance business.
  • With own import-and-export license.
  • Our team serving customers from more than 200 customers of Bangladesh.
  • Supply CE,FCC and RoHS approved CCTV products.
  • Supply One-Stop-Solution, covering MegaPixel IP Camera, HD-AHD Camera, HD-CVI Camera,AHD DVR,NVR, Hybrid DVR etc.
  • With experienced marketing team, R&D team, production team, technician team, professional and experienced sales team, under organised company rules, we are keeping supplying the most advanced technology and the high-quality products to our business partners.


Whether Cameras are progressive scanning?

Yes, both IP Camera and AHD Camera are progressive scanning.

Do IP Cameras support Onvif and POE?


How far POE can transmit?

within 100m

Does your NVR support ONVIF IP camera ?

We suggest you make a test sample,NVR support ONVIF,but IP camera and NVR from different factory are not compatible

Do MVTEAM IP Cameras support FTP?

Motion detection images could be uploaded to FTP, don’t support upload videos to FTP at present.

Does NVR support POE?

No,POE is mostly for our IP camera.

CCTV Camera:What is the most popular sensor?

900TVL CMOS(Pixelplus 1099) and 700TVL CCD(sony Effio-e 811)

Standalone DVR:DVR consume how much storage/day/ch?

CIF DVR: 4~5G D1 DVR: 8~10G 960H DVR: 12~20G

Does your DVR come with hard disk ?

The DVRs don’t come with hard disk. If you need buy hard disk from us,we could install hard disk into DVR.

How to correctly turn off DVR?

First, turn off in DVR menu, and then cut off the power. Do not cut off the power directly, DVR may be damaged due to misuse.

How to recover DVR password?

We could provide application “GenSuperPassword” ,you can use the application to recover password.

Can use same software to manage analog,AHD,CVI ,SDI and NVR?

Yes,all the devices can be remote access in one APP(QMEYE)

SDI: Can 720P SDI camera connect to 1080P SDI DVR?

720P SDI Cameras can work with both 720P and 1080P SDI DVR, but 1080P cameras can’t connect to 720P SDI DVR,1080P cameras need connect to 1080P SDI DVR

AHD:Whether AHD camera can work with both AHD DVR and analog DVR?

Yes, MVTEAM take a special design with extra cable for AHD camera to adjust the AHD and analog signal.

AHD:Whether AHD DVR can work with both AHD camera and analog camera?

Yes, 720P AHD and 960H analog are optional on AHD DVR.

AHD:Whether can use video balun to transmit the HD AHD system?

Yes, good quality passive video balun can transmit

AHD:Does AHD Camera support OSD?

Yes,AHD camera after making OSD menu,will support BLC,D-WDR,Mirror,Motion Detection,Privacy Zone,Defog,3D-NR etc.

AHD:How is the situation and trend for HD AHD?

The target of HD AHD is to replace the analog system. We believe AHD can achieve it step by steps.

AHD:What are the resolution of AHD Cameras?

1MP or 1.3MP,at present there is no 2MP AHD in the whole market.

AHD:Does AHD support P2P?

Yes,AHD DVR come with cloud ID.

Which one is better AHD camera work with analog DVR work with AHD DVR?

The image quality of AHD camera+AHD DVR > AHD camera+analog DVR > Sony 238 chipset 1000TVL+analog DVR.

Which is better, CVI camera or AHD camera?

Image quality of CVI is a little better than AHD,but AHD price is more competitive.

Can I change 6mm lens to 3.6mm lens?

Yes, same price

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