Why is the location incorrect sometimes?

Vehicle location may either be incorrectly reported sometimes or off by a few meters because the availability and quality of GPS signals may be affected by buildings, natural obstacles, weather conditions and satellite availability.

How do I access my account?

You will be provided with an online account and given a personal login and password of your choice. You will also be given the website address of your GPS tracking website. A computer with a working standard Internet browser is required to login and locate your vehicle.

What are GPS tracking alerts?

GPS tracking alerts are unique limits that a customer can set up for their tracked vehicle. When the limit is broken, an SMS is sent to the customer. If a speed limit, for example, is broken, the customer will be notified. Depending on which GPS vehicle tracking system or service plan the customer chooses, they will be alerted to these types of occurrences.

How is the data secured?

Industry standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a Web Server and a Browser and ensures only private and secured data is passed between the Web Server and Browser.

Is there a warranty for the vehicle device?

Yes, there is a one year warranty on the vehicle device. However, if the vehicle device is tampered with or reinstalled without the services of our trained personnel, the warranty will cease to be valid.

What if somebody tampers with the vehicle device?

The vehicle device has functions to alert you of such situations. If vehicle battery power is disconnected, it will send you a SMS alert. Finally, if our Application Server does not receive data from the vehicle device, we alert you about this and send in our personnel to check.

Will the vehicle device run down the battery of the vehicle?

No, it will not. The vehicle device consumes very little power and goes into sleep mode when it senses that the vehicle ignition has been switched of.

How is the vehicle device powered?

The vehicle device is powered by the vehicle’s 12-volt or 24-volt battery. It also has its own built-in backup battery in case it does not receive power from the vehicle battery for some reason. The backup battery lasts for 10 hours and the vehicle device will send you an alert when the battery is running low.

How long does it take to install the unit in the vehicle?

30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the vehicle. Our trained personnel will install the vehicle device. Once it has been installed, it takes another 10 to 15 minutes to configure the system for live use.

Can I conceal the vehicle device from my drivers?

Our units are quite small and are often installed discretely. The vehicle device does not require any assistance from the driver.

How does GPS tracking work?

A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction. So, a GPS tracking system can potentially give both real-time and historic navigation data on any kind of journey. GPS provides special satellite signals, which are processed by a receiver. These GPS receivers not only track the exact location but can also compute velocity and time. The positions can even be computed in three-dimensional views with the help of four GPS satellite signals. The Space Segment of the Global Positioning System consists of 27 Earth-orbiting GPS satellites. There are 24 operational and 3 extra (in case one fails) satellites that move round the Earth every 12 hours and send radio signals from space that are received by the GPS receiver.

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