Lighthouse has identified logistics and transportation industry as a key segment and has focused all its products and services around this domain. Infotrack has been involved in developing comprehensive logistics solutions based on location intelligence technology, addressing most critical concerns like fleet management, Real time data gathering, Security management, Remote monitoring and management, thus bringing improved efficiency in customers total outbound logistics monitoring, control, security, tracking, reporting and analysis requirements

How System Works
  • Lighthouse is a web – based user – friendly GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solution.
  • The modular, flexible and scalable architecture can be adapted to any fleet size depending on customer needs.
  • As standard, Lighthouse includes an in – built map engine with rich GIS features and comprehensive set of business reports.
  • With optional RFID integration, the system can be extended to support applications including container monitoring, trailer identification and petro -chemical carriers.
  • Dash boards for minute by minute updates on all important activities with summary information.
  • Dynamic trip module to have real time data on the ongoing trips
  • Providing accurate odometer value which can be used billing purposed, while dealing with transport providers.
  • Optional routing module, scheduling module and planning module can be integrated with basic FMS systems.
  • Automotive trip sheet generation, trip updates and bill generation.
  • Driver performance reports, vehicle performance reports, Driver behavior
  • Analysis and auto alerts onall above
  • Alerts and minimize the paper work & manual intervention.
  • Driver login facility to monitor driving time
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